The Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital have began discharging some of the in-patients from the hospital to their various homes.
General Secretary of Ankaful Psychiatric Nurses Group, Malcolm Ali, told Adom News they have been forced to send them to their homes due to lack of funds, medications and basic logistics for work.
Malcolm Ali, said the nurses have for the past months, complained of the shortage of medication and basic logistics such as disinfectants, spirits, plasters, gloves, inadequate foodstuff and other working materials.
“Yesterday after emergency meeting by the management, they ask us to discharge as many patients as we can because they don’t have funds to cater for them.
Mr Ali said decision by management to give that directive is to distract the nurses for their intended sit-down strike Thursday.
“Management is doing this to distract our sit down strike which will come off on Thursday but we are not moved by their conduct, if by close of day today our boss is still in the office we will embark on the sit down strike tomorrow” he warned.
He said so far management has discharged ten patients and will continue discharging them till the issue is settled.
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But CEO of Mental Health Authority, Dr. Akwasi Osei is urging the nurses to exercise patience as the Minister of Health has given an assurance from now till Tuesday 28th Nov 2017 to address their concern.