The Golden head of Karikari |PC: American Museum of Natural History

African artefacts looted during the colonial era, are gradually finding their way back to their countries of origin as discussions on restitution hit a crescendo.

Reports by Graphic Online show that in Ghana, the Asantehene had been pushing for the return of Asante gold regalia from museums in Britain and expectations are that something positive will come out in 2024 to coincide with the silver jubilee coronation of the 16th Asante monarch.

The Manhyia Palace Museum, which has undergone a massive transformation, is being prepared to receive the items, which will eventually boost tourism.

The return of the Asante artefacts will also coincide with two other important activities in Asanteman in 2024. One of the activities is the celebration of 150 years of the third Anglo-Asante War of 1874.

It was a war in which a British expeditionary force, retaliating against a crushing defeat by Asante two years earlier, marched into Kumasi, destroyed the palace of the Asantehene, Kofi Karikari and took away his insignia of authority and other valuables, most of which later found their way into museums in Britain.

In his push for restitution, Otumfuo, during his visit to London in May 2023 participated in the coronation of King Charles and took time to meet with the Director of the British Museum, Dr Hartwig Fischer who assured him that his outfit would consider granting his wishes through the established British laws.

A team constituted by the Asantehene made up of historian, museum economist and development specialist, Ivor Agyeman-Duah, and a former Keeper of Ethnography at the British Museum and Professor of History and Vice Principal of the University of Glasgow, Malcolm McLeod, has continued the discussions with the management of the British Museum and indications are that progress is being made.