The demolished structure

Armed men on Friday night stormed the Nigerian High Commissioner’s residence in Accra, Ghana with bulldozers to demolish apartments on the property.

The building was being constructed to house staff and visiting diplomats to the High Commission.

The building before it was demolished

JoyNews editor, Fred Smith, who was at the scene, said the men threatened to shoot staff of the embassy who were present at the scene if they interfere in their operations.

According to the head of security at the High Commission, Emmanuel Kabutey, the leader of the team that came to demolish the building told them they had the backing of National Security and that “if any of us try, he will clear us off.”


Mr Kabutey complained about the lackluster attitude of the police in handling the situation.

“When the police came, they did not come to us or any other person but rather went straight to the man [leader of the armed men] they had a friendly chat, exchanged numbers with him and allowed him to go.

“When they came back in, they took pictures but did not ask me or my boys anything,” he lamented.

The Acting High Commissioner, who was present when the incident happened, is said to be terrified and has gone into hiding.