Rapper Yaa Pono (Ponobiom) has alleged that Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-William’s team rejected his offer to use parts of the man of God’s sermons in a song titled ‘Praises’.

In an interview with Abeiku Santana in Okay FM studios, he expressed shock over the incident because he said the song was meant to impact people positively.

According to him, he took parts of the Archbishop’s sermons which he thought were motivational and added it to his song.

He, however, thought it was fair to seek permission but they were stopped from using the sermons.

 “We really wanted to do this because it was a good song. The song was called ‘Praises’. We did some edits and it was nice, so we decided to write a press to them, when we talked to them they said they were not interested,” he disclosed.

 “I felt like music should go far than this. We used some of his sermons in the song to encourage people, but he wasn’t ready for us to go into business.

The sermon is out there already, I listened to it and thought I should do music with it and it was motivating. The song is about praises and when you see a poster like that it will direct you to listen to the music, but he was not ready and so I had to release another song,” he added