The Ghana Revenue Authority Customs Division’s Kumasi Command exceeded its revenue target for 2016 by over 100 per cent.

Officials attribute the feat to success in debt collection from manufacturing and warehousing companies in the Ashanti Region.

The Kumasi Collection Unit had by half year done 297.195 Million Ghana Cedis against a target of 285.640 Million Ghana Cedis.

Government then reviewed the target to 435.150 Million Ghana Cedis, an addition of 149.510 Million Ghana Cedis.

But the unit again exceeded that by September 30, recording a collection of 440.466 Million Ghana Cedis.

By December 31, the unit had bagged 614.672 Million Ghana Cedis, representing 42 per cent more than the reviewed target.

Regional Commander, Assistant Commissioner Kwesi Ahiakpor, explains voluntary tax compliance and exemplary performance of officers contributed to the feet.

The feat comes at a time smuggling and poor check- point systems remain major challenges.

Assistant Commissioner, Kwesi Ahiakpor, however, indicates check-point challenges could prove more daunting this year.

“The state should turn and look here. If we could fix the Kumasi check point into a proper and modern checkpoint, we would have raked in more money than we did.”

Kumasi is described as the commercial capital of the country and CEPS officials have described the city as the second largest collection in Ghana after Tema.

The unit fell short of its targets for import and levies by 26.47 per cent, import Vat by 31.15 per cent and National Health Insurance levies by 49.90 per cent out of the six collection areas.

Significant gains were however made in revenue collection in special petroleum tax, energy debt recovery levy.

The sector commander says authorities are looking at improving the areas where they did not perform well.