The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Bogoso InnerCity Hospital where some victims of the Apiate explosion were rushed to for medical care says doctors had to remove hot bitumen (coaltar) from the stomach of one of those who sustained injuries at the accident scene.

The CEO of the hospital, Dr Boakye Yiadom, made the disclosure while speaking Friday evening on Adom TV’s current affairs show, The Big Agenda, hosted by Nana Osei Ampofo Adjei.

According to him, because of the heat and the pressure of the explosion, part of the asphalt overlay on the highway melted, flew to burn the clothing of the victim and drilled a tunnel to lodge into the belly of the man.

The impact of the molten ‘coaltar’ sent the victim into coma. And, he only regained consciousness after the chunk of ‘coaltar’ stones and dust had been removed through surgery – according to Dr Yiadom.

The Apiate resident, who almost got killed by a bullet of bitumen flying from the road where the explosion occurred, has since been responding to treatment, says the Bogoso InnerCity Hospital boss.