Dating is in full swing again since the lockdown restrictions have been lifted, which also means the return of the one-night stand.

I read some really cringey stories this week after users of anonymous sharing app Whisper revealed the most uncomfortable things a one-night stand has said to them the next morning.

One guy confessed it was his first time, another broke down in tears because he cheated on his wife, while one woman was advised to take up plus-size modelling to boost her confidence with guys. Next!

I have had two one-night stands in my life. The first was a revenge one-night stand after my first boyfriend cheated and then left me. I was young and angry, and couldn’t wait for the guy to leave. I think I realised then, at 19, that I probably wasn’t cut out for it.

However, the second one was fabulous. I was on tour with my sisters in Australia and met this gorgeous marine the day before we were due to leave. Maureen and I went for a swim in the hotel pool and this guy walked in, looking like something out of Top Gun. I assumed he fancy Maureen because she is stunning and everyone fancies her, but she kept telling me it was me he was looking at. We ended up inviting the marine and his mate to our show that night and afterwards I hooked up with him. I was single and leaving town the next day, so I figured I had nothing to lose and I don’t regret it at all.

But when it comes down to it, I’m not a one-night stand kinda girl; I’m too romantic. You don’t have to marry me, but at least take me out for dinner a couple of times!

Have a great week!