Member of Parliament for Builsa South, Dr Clement Apaak, has taken a swipe at President Akufo-Addo over the criteria for the registration and issuance of the National Identity card popularly known as Ghana card.

He is wondering why the president will accept to be elected by Ghanaians who used the Voter’s ID card and yet deprive them of using the same document to register for the Ghana card.

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The legislator who was a presidential staffer under former President John Dramani Mahama, says the Minority will not be perturbed by any distraction and will not rescind on its decision to boycott the registration until the Voter’s ID card is accepted for registration.


His response is coming after the president slammed the Minority over their boycott and call for the Voter’s ID card to be used for the registration.

Speaking at Ashesi University yesterday [Saturday], the president described the action by the Minority as ‘’Surprising’’.

“I maintain it should be the greatest honour to be able to say I am a Ghanaian and we should have no difficulty in identifying a Ghanaian, not only as a legal entity but also through his or her behaviour.

“I had hoped that the exercise to provide all citizens with a national identity card would receive the enthusiastic support of all us as the project finally gets off the ground after years of willful stagnation and neglect.

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“Unfortunately we seem to have become embroiled once again in another of those full scale manufactured storms, deliberately engineered to slow down progress in everything we try to do,” he stated.

But Dr. Apaak in a response wrote: ‘’Ghanacard! MR. PRESIDENT – Sir, you can say what you want, that will not change our minds!

It’s indeed condescending and hypocritical for you to discount the voters ID as a primary document for the purposes of obtaining a Ghanacard when its the same voters ID that was the primary document by which are President today.

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Why will you, Mr President, think it’s alright to use a Ghanaian passport when only 2 million Ghanaians have that, and Ghanaian birth certificates, when only 7 million have that, and leave out a Ghanaian voters ID, when by records 15.8 million Ghanaians have voters IDs.

With due respect Mr President, we will continue our boycott, it takes nothing away from the process if the voters ID, on the basis of which you are President, is included as a primary ID for the registration for the Ghanacard!

Why should the process be confined to only those with passports and birth certificates? Are they more Ghanaian that those who do not have these documents but have voters IDs? I remain a citizen.”