Akuapem Poloo and son

Hiplife musician, Reggie Rockstone is asking for therapy for Akuapem Poloo’s son in the wake of an Accra Circuit Court’s decision to put his mother behind bars for the next 90 days.

The social media sensation, born Rosemond Brown, was convicted on Friday for posting naked photos of herself and her son on social media to celebrate his seventh birthday.

The court’s decision has been considered harsh by many social media users with Ghanaian Rapper Reggie Rockstone sharing similar concerns.


Speaking to Evans Mensah on Ghana Connect, the rapper expressed discontent on the court’s ruling saying the separation between the mother and the child “doesn’t sit well with him.”

According to Reggie, the absence of Akuapem Poloo in her son’s life would have a negative impact on the young child, thus the need for him to undergo therapy.

“I pray that the child is good. You have never been to a Ghanaian cell before… It is no joke, people think it is a short term, just one day in there, that kid is going to need therapy. I think the kid will not do as well without his mother. We are pushing a lot of weight on this kid because we took his mother away. That is his mother and father and that is what Akuapem Poloo is to that boy and Akuapem Poloo loves that boy and that boy loves his mama,” he said Friday.

He also revealed to Joy FM that the 7-year-old has refused to step foot in school following ill comments being hurled at him.

“Already I’m hearing about people poking fun at the kid. He doesn’t want to go to school. You don’t understand. This is coming with a whole bunch… It is not just as simple as let’s punish Akuapem Poloo,” he said.

Although Reggie Rockstone intimated that he sees no wrong in enforcing the law, he opined payment of a fine or community service would have been a preferable form of punishment for the Ghanaian actress.

“I’m not saying the law is wrong. I am not here to argue. All I’m saying is I am a human being and it cut me…I’m supportive of women. Women in Ghana go through so much. Remember I ran and club before. I am their Grand Papa and I interact with young people. It is not easy. I am looking at a young single mother. I know what she goes through. Most of the stuff you see on social media that she does is just to feed her child,” he added.