Fails in movies scenes are normal occurrences, but three Ghanaian filmmakers have remarked that some of the fails are deliberate, due to circumstances beyond their control.

Of such, all three guests who appeared on Adom TV‘s Ahosepe Xtra show unanimously agreed that the issue of mouth odour is one which has caused them to break character during filming.

Yvonne Nelson, Diamond Michelle (Shatta Michy) and James Gardiner revealed they have had experiences with co-actors who took them aback with foul smell.

On Yvonne’s part, she told host Black I that she was vocal enough to alert production on the ordeal she was facing and politely declined the kissing scene.

Fortunately, she said she perceived the mouth odour during rehearsal and immediately requested the director to edit the script.

“You know typically we have rehearsal where we run lines and act it out before the actual shooting. When you get closer, you’d realize all is not well. You’ll tell the director that as for this one I cannot pull through.”

Yvonne, whos stated that she is vocal, added that she would not put herself in an uncomfortable position because an actor failed to observe personal hygiene.

James Gardiner also contributed that his experience was one that made him cancel the scene on a whole.

According to him, the person was an up and coming actress who was fortunate to cast alongside mainstream thespians.

He recollected that it was a Pascal Amanfo production, and being friends with the producer, he called him aside to express his dissatisfaction.

“I did not let the girl know she had a problem but when I perceived it I became confused. I excused myself to the washroom and while there, I signaled PM to call me the director and I explained the situation to him”.

“It was very very very bad; no no no, it wasn’t good,” he painfully recounted.

Compromising to get the scene shot, he said he opted for a hug and subsequent laying on the bed to have that ‘off-scene’ shoot.

While Yvonne and James declined, Michy who joined the industry lately said she managed to land a peck on the person’s lip.

On how she was able to withstand the stench, she said she psyched her mind and landed the kiss very fast without breaking character.

According to her, all that was needed was a little show of romance, and that is exactly what she delivered.

Michy contributed that she did not want the actor to feel bad and as such, did not change her facial expression throughout.