Agya Koo

Old age has taken its toll on veteran actor Agya Koo, and some latest photos he posted on social media have attested to that fact.

The actor, born Kofi Adu, has flaunted his energetic self to mark his 52nd year of existing on planet earth.

Agya Koo expressed profound gratitude to his maker for seeing him through the previous years successfully.

“I’m+ 1 today thank you Lord. One hand cannot clap let alone, no amount of words can express my profound joy in me. I take this opportunity to call on my family, friends and loved ones to join me to say a big thank you Jesus, for adding another year to my age. Glory be to God. Happy birthday to me,” he said.

Some celebrities have joined him to celebrate his special day, praising him for being the legend that he is.

Photos below: