Itz Tiffany

Ghanaian singer, Tiffany Owusu popularly known as Itz Tiffany has waded into the ongoing discussions about the origin of Afrobeats genre.

According to the ‘Fake London Boy’ crooner, music has always been a Ghanaian thing, adding that, the Afrobeats genre making global waves emerged from Ghana.

Itz Tiffany said while Nigeria may have capitalized on the business aspect of music, Ghana has historically been the trailblazer when it comes to innovative sounds and genres.

She cited the evolution of the Azonto dance craze, which originated in Ghana but was later adopted and repackaged as Afrobeats by foreigners for international consumption, to buttress her point.

“I feel like Ghanaians haven’t protected what they had enough. Right now they are making it like Nigeria is Afrobeats, its rather from Ghana. Nigerians know the business when it comes to music” Tiffany said.

In Ghana, we are joking with most things. Afrobeats is from Ghanahen but when Nigerians picked it, they owned it. We had Azonto, and we couldn’t hold it for long, then they took Azonto, turn it around to become Afrobeats and now they are onto Amapiano. Ghanaians don’t even like what they create themselves” she bemoaned in an exclusive interview with Adomonline‘s Dennis Adu.

Tiffany also disagreed with the assertion that, people are not interested in investing in Ghana music.

According to her, investors are all over, but the environment for them to invest isn’t clear enough.

“An investor will invest in something that he will make money out of so if there is no market and the people don’t want it, how do you want them to invest in it?” she quizzed.

Meanwhile, Itz Tiffany is on a hiatus after blessing Ghanaians with many hits such as ‘Neke Neke’, ‘Last One’, ‘Agyekoom’, ‘No More’, ‘Forgive’ and ‘Give Them’ among others that were topping the charts from 2010 to 2016.

She explained that, the break from music is to invest in a more lucrative business.

Itz Tiffany, who now owns Itz Box Bar at Spintex in Accra, said she is contemplating a comeback due to pressure from fans.