Team Ghana at the 2023 African Games

A former Editor at Kotoko Express, Jerome Otchere, has expressed deep concerns about the organisation of the ongoing 2023 African Games underway in Ghana.

Mr Otchere criticised what he perceived as undue political meddling in the planning and execution of the event.

Speaking on JoyNews’ PM Express on Monday, March 11, the former editor highlighted his doubts about the Local Organising Committee (LOC) being in charge of the competition.

He was of the view that the Committee has been sidelined in making key decisions with politicians taking the center stage.

“I do not think that the LOC is in charge of the 2023 African Games competition. They have been more or less put somewhere and some other people are handling this competition,” he said on Monday.

He emphasised the need for technical experts to handle crucial aspects of the event, such as ensuring athletes have the right equipment for their respective disciplines.

“It is about allowing the right people to do the job because all the things we are talking about are technical issues. If cyclists do not have the right bicycles for their competition, it is not a political matter.

A politician doesn’t decide that, you leave it to those with the expertise who understand what this competition requires and what a cyclist must have to be able to participate,” he told host Evans Mensah.

Responding to these concerns on the same show, a Member of the LOC, Dan Kweku Yeboah, acknowledged that this is the first time Ghana is organising a multi-sports event of this magnitude.

He admitted that some mistakes were avoidable but stressed that it is a learning curve for Ghana.

“This is a competition that involves 29 disciplines, so obviously the challenges will not be the same as organising a single sporting event.

“Of course, some of the mistakes that occurred were avoidable, but we must also admit that for Ghana, it is a learning process for us,” he said.