Mustapha Ussif

The General Secretary of the Ghana Cycling Federation (GCF), Shaban Mohammed, has accused the Ministry of Sports of neglecting the federation by providing only two bicycles since 2012.

Amidst mounting pressure and criticism directed at the Cycling Federation for failing to equip their athletes adequately for ongoing competitions, Mohammed expressed concerns over the lack of support from the Sports Ministry.

This controversy emerged following Sports Minister, Mustapha Ussif’s criticism of the federation for purportedly failing to communicate their needs to the Ministry.

But speaking on the Ultimate Sports Show on Asempa FM Wednesday, March 13, Mohammed highlighted the difficult situation faced by Ghanaian cyclists, citing potential disqualification from future events due to insufficient equipment.

He revealed that, despite the urgent need for tantra bicycles, the federation had been provided with only two bicycles, intended for tantra and road races.

Shaban Mohammed

“Since 2012, we’ve received only two bicycles from the ministry: tantra and road race. Unfortunately, in tomorrow’s event, the athletes will be racing on tantra bikes, but Team Ghana does not have one, so we will be competing on a road race bike, which may result in disqualification,” he said.

Mohammed also dismissed the Minister’s claim, asserting that not all federation heads had received the necessary equipment as indicated by the Ministry.

He criticized the Sports Minister for allegedly misleading the public, emphasizing the importance of treating athletes with dignity and ensuring their adequate representation on the international stage.

“I can confidently say that the Minister lied at the press conference. Not all the federation heads have received the required material that was sent to the ministry. The Minister has sworn to speak the truth but he lied to the public which is not the right thing because these cyclists compete in the name of Ghana and they must be treated well.”

The inadequacy of equipment has already affected Ghana’s performance, with two cycling athletes forced to withdraw from their races due to bicycle damage. Joseph Nii Quaye, in particular, had to abandon his race after his privately purchased bicycle suffered irreparable damage.

During the men’s elite and U-23 30-lap cycling race, four cyclists withdrew due to bicycle malfunctions, further highlighting the pressing need for improved support and resources for Ghanaian cyclists.

Despite these challenges, Team Ghana has secured five medals in the ongoing competitions, comprising one gold, one silver, and one bronze.