President Akufo-Addo has urged all African leaders to invest heavily in digital infrastructure.

According to him, this would help to foster innovation, encourage entrepreneurship and attract investments within and beyond the country.

Speaking during the 3i Africa Summit at the Accra International Conference Centre on May 13, he stated that Ghana has developed some policies which have helped in the development and progress of the country in the digital space.

“We must promote interoperability. Reduce transaction cost and delays, turning down the silos that has hindered our progress for too long.

“We must leverage the power of digital identity programmes such as the Ghana card to improve access to financial services, reduce fraud and create a more inclusive and equitable economic system,” he said.

He said that Ghana is a prime example of the possibilities achievable through embracing digital transformation.

“The e-government initiative such as the Ghana card, the, and mobile money interoperability have reshaped the landscape of public service delivery and has expanded financial inclusion to what was once thought unimaginable,” he added.

The President pointed out that 17 million Ghanaians now hold digital IDs, making it easy to access to access services essential for thriving in the modern world.

Additionally, he said the government portal has facilitated transactions worth 1.6 billion since its inception in 2019.

This, he added that this has resulted in improved revenue collection, reduced corruption, and ensured a more accountable and transparent governance system.

“When it comes to mobile money, Ghana stands tall amongst the nations of the world. With transactions exceeding 900 billion annually, we boast one of the highest mobile money penetration in the world,” he added.