Week five of the sensational Adom Bible Quiz run to an interesting end as two out of the four contesting churches finished in a tie.

The two were Pentecost Church Nazareth Assembly, Kotobabi and Apostolic Church-Ghana, New Gbawe Mega.

The need for a tie-breaker became imperative as their 38 points appease was second to Prayer Palace’s whopping 51 points and topped that of Aroma Bible Church by just a point.

The tiebreaker moment did not go down without some drama; each of the two contesting churches answered each of their first questions correctly and it came down to fast fingers on the buzzer to determine who got the chance to answer the third question and qualify for the next level of the competition.

When the award-winning Quiz Master, Kwame Idan posed the question, it was the two girls from Apostolic Church, Mary Ann and Florence, who pressed the buzzer first, but their 10 seconds passed and they failed to provide the answer.

Naturally, the oppportunity fell on the eagerly waiting laps of the two boys from Pentecost Church, Joel and David, and they nailed it in less than two seconds to qualify to the second round.

Prior to that, the third and final round of contest had witnessed a very competitive and the most charged sword drill since Adom Bible Quiz started.

The speed with which each of the kids opened the bible was phenomenal, and it would appear this was the competition in which the 60 points that were up for grabs in the sword drill, were almost evenly distributed.

Apostolic Church was trailing after the second round, but they shored up their points significantly with speed and most accurate reading in the sword drill, making them a contender in the tiebreaker.

But for their lapse in the tie breaker round, they would have qualified.

So as things stand now, Prayer Palace, Spintex Road, and Pentecost Church, Nazareth Assembly, Kotobabi have qualified for the next round.

And, it would appear the boys turned the tables this time round, as both qualifying churches were represented by two boys each and the two which did not qualify were all girls.

Meanwhile, the two boys, Kofi and Frank from Prayer Palace, who topped the pack, said they listened to previous competitions just to master the sword drill in particular because they knew that round could change everything. And they scored a comfortable 15 points out of the 60 marks in that round.

Their coach, Kwabena Williams told Adom News he still thinks his boys were not fast enough on the sword drill so they are going to practice some more.

He believes Adom Bible Quiz is a good thing because it is making both kids and adults pay closer attention to the biblical scriptures.

Week six of Adom Bible Quiz will feature The Apostolic Church, Anyaa, The Church of Pentecost, Amasaman-Fise Assembly, Heavenly Dominion Chapel International and Presbyterian Church, Peace-Town, Kasoa.

The book of study is Judges chapters one to three and the venue still remains Erata Hotel at 1 pm on Sunday.