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Actress Victoria Lebene turns preacher


At exactly 5 p.m. on Monday, April 22, 2024, actress and entrepreneur Victoria Lebene surprised hundreds of her followers when she stepped into the role of a preacher woman during her Instagram live session dubbed The Word.

Transitioning seamlessly into her new role, she kicked off the session with a heartfelt song before sharing biblical verses from the Book of Isaiah, all in line with her chosen theme for that session, Accelerating God’s Speed in Life.

This wasn’t a scene from a movie; rather, it was a profound moment where the actress affirmed she was answering a call to serve and dedicate herself to ministering, spreading the word of God and winning souls for the kingdom.

Following this, the actress, now ‘minister of the gospel’, has found herself at the centre of attention as expected. While some applaud her for embracing her calling, others believe it’s merely a ploy for social media engagement and attention.

But speaking with Showbiz Graphic, Lebene vehemently asserted her dedication to serving and ministering was not for clout or social media attention, but a genuine calling she had been nurturing for some time.

She emphasised the authenticity of her calling, adding that while the calling has been present for a long time, she needed to accept it and give herself the necessary time and space to execute it properly.

“My calling is real and not for social media engagement or clout. Yes, it has been there, but you know, I’ve been involved in a lot of things and so I needed to give myself the pace and time to really execute that role, so that I will not end up putting too much pressure on myself.”

“The call comes very strong and you really need to heed to it, or else you don’t know the next thing that may happen to you. Life is too short. A moment, you’re here and the next, you’re gone. And I guess you would be disappointed if you do not fulfil your purpose on earth,” she said.

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