A man proposed to his girlfriend at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), but unknown to him an anonymous person took videos to mock them.

What was expected to be mockery became a blessing in disguise for the South African (SA) couple.

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The video which went viral on social media caught the attention of strangers, celebrities and companies who have offered to sponsor the yet-to-be planned wedding.

The couple’s breakthrough started when KFC SA launched a campaign with the hashtag #KFC proposal to locate them after their engagement went viral.

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Their blessings became overwhelming as prestigious brands like Standard Bank SA, Huawei Mobile SA, Castle Milk Stout, Audi SA and Coca Cola offered to share in their joy.

A marriage proposal at a KFC restaurant in South Africa went viral after the fast food joint tweeted the proposal video, seeking help in finding the couple.

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A journalist mocked the man for being ‘broke’ in one of her tweets, and social media started showering the couple with blessings.