Ghana has recorded 205 cases of COVID-19 barely a few weeks after the first cases were recorded.

Amid the outbreak, there have been lots of developments including the politicisation of the whole issue.

But in a statement, Miss United Nations Grand Prix 2019, Harriet Lamptey, says it was inappropriate for anybody to politicise the matter or take undue advantage, especially when Ghana had recorded many cases.

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“Even if there had been no cases recorded in Ghana, this is not the time to be headstrong, political or exercise business wits,” she said.

The beauty queen pointed out that Ghana is not strong enough to handle it if the situation gets out of hand so it is imperative that the ordinary Ghanaians “do not put ourselves in the position where the government may not be able to save us?

“If we die from this outbreak, we go alone. You are not going to be given a special welcome in heaven because you died of Covid-19.”

Ms Lamptey further urged Ghanaians to “take precautionary measures to keep ourselves safe and leave the government to fight the technical aspects.”

“If you identify any symptom, report immediately to the nearest facility to get yourself treated and saved.

“There are the highest chances of total recovery if you are detected early. Please stay isolated till treated, not with the feeling of being stigmatised, but as your service to humanity,” she stated.

She added that “this is not the time to be apathetic. We can not dig holes and expect to remain on a bed of roses.

“This virus is no respecter of person. Let’s look out for Ghana in our own little ways. It’s our Ghana,” she said.