The 90-year-old grandmother was raped in Delhi

A 90-year-old widow in India was allegedly gang-raped by two men who stormed into her house at night in India.

The old woman said they left her “almost half-dead” after the attack in India on October 24.

When she regained her senses the next morning she told her neighbour.

She went to hospital and had medical tests after the attack in the Kanchanpur area in the country’s North Tripura district.

It follows protests in India earlier this month over the gang-rape and murder of a young woman.

The family of the 90-year-old woman took her to a police station and lodged a report against Anjan Nama, 35, and another unidentified man, the Times of India reports.

Speaking to reporters, the woman said: “Anjan and another man stormed into my house at midnight.

The woman said the men stormed into her house at night (Image: AFP via Getty Images)