Read this if you want to be on your exes’ minds forever.

You already know that the streets are rugged now as people are just moving from one talking stage to the other. Forgetting people and situations for the next exciting vibe has become super easy. In fact, people are out here forgetting those they’ve dated and had sex with in the not-so-distant past.

Now that’s where we come in. We want to quickly give you all the tips that’ll make you unforgettable to all your ex-girlfriends no matter how many. They’re all easy steps. And you don’t have to pay us anything [well, except your attention]. So let’s go!

1. Convince them to have a baby for you

Even better if they can have more than one. This is the simplest trick in the rule book and just like it’s working just fine for Nick Cannon, it is sure to work for you. No matter how far or wide your exes go, or how many people they fall in love with after you, there will be one living, breathing evidence that you were once in their life. That’s it – you’ll be 100% unforgettable!

2. Great sex and/or plenty money

You can choose one of these or both. If you must choose one, let it be proper premium knacks. Anyone can give anyone enough money. Besides, women are rich, they just like pretending. So go for brain-scrambling knacks and even if y’all break up, they’ll still be having mad flashbacks for years.

Warning though, this one usually works like juju, meaning that there is a chance that ‘D’ spell can wear off. But it’s still quite dependable. We’ll rate it 70%.

3. Get them to tattoo your name on their body

If you can get anyone to tattoo your name on their body, you’re halfway to staying top-of-mind for decades. Hopefully, they don’t redesign the tattoo to clear off your name after the breakup.

Any which way, the tattoo will be permanent and they’ll forever remember that they had your name on them. We rank this one 65% effective.

4. Steal their skincare products

Ok, this one is bad behaviour but chill, we can explain. First, it’ll be retribution for all your hoodies and shirts they stole from you. So… it checks out 🫱🏽‍🫲🏼.

But most importantly, skincare products cost die and e go pain the babe well, especially if she just restocked. Best believe she’ll be telling this story to her grandkids when warning them off boys in the future. This skincare-theft method? 90% effective.

5. Make them do this with your name