This may not come as a surprise that when a couple spends too much time together, boredom may creep in slowly in the relationship. A great way to rekindle the lost passion is by giving your partner a chance to miss you. Why? Because the experience of meeting a partner after missing him or her for a day can be very romantic and besides this here are more reasons to take a break and give each other some space.

It gives you a chance to resolve issues

Every couple has issues and when they are together all the times, they might get into each other’s shoes and complicate matters more. So, when two partners spend some time away from each other, they can grow a fresh perspective and can resolve these issues better.

Value each other more

When two people are together constantly, they tend to take each other for granted. But when a partner gets a chance to miss the other, he would then realise how much the person means to him. That way a couple gets a chance to appreciate each other more.

There will be so much to talk about

When two people spend a lot of time together, their topics of conversation also grow limited. And when they take a short break from each other’s company, they would have so many new things to talk about. Would not that be interesting?

Try new things as individuals

Sometimes couples tend to think like one individual, for example, if one partner likes eating Italian cuisine the other also agrees to it because of convenience (two cuisines for two people can be a lot of food!) or for love! But when they spend time away from each other, it gives them a chance to try out things they like as an individual.

Meeting after a break can be so romantic

Besides all the other reasons, meeting a partner after a few days of being away from each other can be so romantic. And let’s not talk about how exciting lovemaking can be when you try it after a break!

But don’t make it a habit

Giving your partner a chance to miss you can be good only when it is practised with caution. Overdoing it can cause more harm to your relationship than bringing you closer to your partner.



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