The common practice of sleeping after sex is much overrated.

Couples in love have the world to themselves and conquering each other through orgasms is only just the beginning. No, you don’t even have to go out to enjoy some relaxing time after sex with your partner. There are things to do after sex that can be really fulfilling.

The home can be your kingdom and you two the rulers. So what can you do after sex, apart from cuddling, spooning and snuggling? Here is a shortlist you could complete with your partner after a juicy session of perspiration and racing heartbeats.

  • Shower after sex

Taking a shower after sex prolongs the feeling of closeness to your partner. After a hot, steamy session of lovemaking, make your way to the bathroom (hand-in-hand) and take a romantic shower together.

  • Pillow talk

Post-coital talk opens up areas of conversation where you have never ventured before. Grab this moment to tell him/her how good the sex was, what drove you crazy and what peaked your climax.

If you are in a serious relationship, this might just be the right moment to indulge in a conversation about your relationship. You can share stories about your childhood dramas and matter of importance that you want your partner to know.

If you have been together for long, and know absolutely every little thing about one another, you can lie down, cuddle and whisper sweet things to each other. But there are always new things to talk about and new discoveries to make. This is the time you can talk about the sexual fantasies you want to explore or new positions that you could try. It’s very fulfilling to talk about lovemaking after lovemaking.

  • Grab a drink and some food

Sex can be tiring and great sex can leave you exhausted. So instead of just lying there, you could bring your partner a glass of water. This is a sweet gesture on your part which tells that you are the one who exhausts and replenishes them.

Sex takes up a lot of energy. So fill up on those calories by ordering some food. Refuelling for Round 2 maybe?

  • Kiss some more

While you had your share of lip-biting and scratching and hair-pulling during your love-making session after sex might be the right time to smother your partner with feathery kisses all over. Not the sexy breathless ones, but just sweet kisses which show how much you mean to each other.

It’s interesting how the whole act of kissing changes from the time you start a session to the time you end it. While in the initial part the kisses are long, deep, breathless hungry ones and can leave you with hickeys and marks all over the body once the climax has come and you are lying in each other’s arms totally spent the short soft kisses that you plant on your partners’ lips, cheeks and neck is more about love and intimacy than about anything else. How you kiss your partner after sex says a lot about how you feel about them. So kissing after sex increases your bonding.