A search launched for four missing children has come to an end as their bodies have been discovered in the Volta Lake at Yeji.

The children from two families in the Konkoma traditional area were reported missing Monday evening.

They are aged 7,8, 10 and 11 respectively.

Reports gathered indicated that a search team was formed after a report to the police as well as information centres proved futile.

The search team, while combing through tough mud, spotted the clothes of the children at the bed of the lake.

This prompted them to dive further, and in no time, the floating bodies were retrieved.

Assembly member for the area, Philip Ngyemeneko, told Adom News’ Daniel Tachie that the bodies have been conveyed to the St Mathias Hospital for autopsy for further investigations.

He said once that is cleared, a funeral will be held for the deceased.

A parent of one of the deceased said he was not surprised about the end of his son’s life. According to him, his son was fond of swimming in the lake, despite several warnings.

Linguist of Konkoma Traditional Area, Nana Kweku, said the lake is a danger zone as it formerly used to be a sand winning site.

He indicated that several deaths have been recorded at that same site in the last year, hence he believes ritual must be performed for cleansing.