“We were tricked into prostitution instead of working in a restaurant as promised us by our mistress. We want to go back to our country because some of the men we sleep with misuse us and we have to endure because of the money…,” some girls, among 32 suspected prostitutes grabbed by the police at Abeka Lapaz and its environs in Accra bemoaned.
The suspected prostitutes, all Nigerians, were apprehended last Friday evening in a special operation organized by the Tesano Divisional Police Command.
The girls, between the ages of 16 and 32 years, said they were lured into the country by their leader identified only as Joy – also a Nigerian – to be given decent jobs but were forced into prostitution on arrival in Ghana.
“Our madam brought us into the country some months ago after promising us decent jobs but when we reached here, she went to rent a room at Kata International Hostel for us and has kept us as prostitutes,” they narrated.
They claimed that even though they lodged at the hostel, every evening, they were made to dress up and go looking for clients.
According to them, some of them have to walk along the streets for clients while others move to entertainment spots and guest houses in the area to hunt for clients.
“We really want to quit this job because some of our clients, especially the trotro drivers and their mates who patronize us, really over-use us,” said Chioma, one of the arrested girls.
“Some of them have smelly bodies but because we need money, we have to give in and sleep with them,” she posited.
She narrated that life as a prostitute has not been easy since some of their clients even refuse to pay for services provided, even though they have a fee they must pay to their madam.
Chioma said after paying for their hostel fees, their madam had tasked each girl to pay 400,000 Naira, (4,936.133 cedis) in order to get their freedom back.
“Every week too, she comes round to collect GH¢20 each from us. We cannot run away because, on arrival, madam shaved the hairs in our private parts and armpits and made us swear an oath,” she lamented.
“She claims that if we escape, she will use the hairs to either make us go mad or die,” Chioma added.
Another prostitute who gave her name as Blessing, said some of their clients even refuse to use condoms and since they are desperate for the money, they cannot deny them their desires and give in.
She said if they were given the chance, they would go back to their country.
The Tesano Divisional police commander, Chief Superintendent Oduro Anning, who led the operation, said the operation was part of efforts to rid the area of criminal activities.
He said the 32 suspected prostitutes were apprehended upon a tip off and would be sent to court for prosecution.
Chief Superintendent Amaning confirmed that police investigations had revealed that the suspects were recruited from Nigeria to Ghana to be used as prostitutes by a curtain lady.
“We have details of the said recruiter and are on the verge of apprehending her to assist us investigate the case,” he added.
Meanwhile, the suspected prostitutes have been granted police enquiry bail and are to report later at the station to assist in investigations.