A look at how funny moments can work wonders on the mind.

It can be very tough fitting in into the fast-paced world we live in, a result of which has impact on one’s mental health.

Regardless of that reality, we have to find a way to blend in without health and happiness being compromised at whatever cost.

Comedy plays a very key role in providing that happiness and joy from the laughing and smiling that ensues.

Comedy comes in various forms from television, film, radio, stand-up to literature. Thankfully we are in a time when there is high demand for comedy content on social media, especially short skits.

Here’s why all forms of comedy are needed:

1. Reduces stress

We live in a world that is highly stressful. Dealing with daily work routines, catching up with tight deadlines to getting stuck in heavy traffic daily and living with pesky and lousy neighbors.

These things trigger stress responses in the body which in turn can lead to a mental breakdown and more health problems. Indeed, depression and anxiety disorders set in and it becomes difficult to take on daily tasks.

Watching or listening to anything that has comedic value is a good remedy of relieving stress and this is because when one laughs and has happy and joyful expressions on the face, it releases endorphins neuropeptides which help the body relax and feel relieved.

Therefore, make it a habit to always consume something that will make you laugh and smile.

This can be early in the morning, during rush hours and schedules of the days or before going to sleep. It will ensure your mind is stress-free by a great deal.

2. Improves mood

The result of consuming anything containing comedy means that your mood is greatly improved. Rather than have feelings of frustration, regret, reject, pain, hurt and whatever negative emotions that can arise by the ups and downs life throws on a daily, our bodies have been set to conquer without having any bad feelings.

This is very necessary because a positive outlook to life is the only way to living well. Quality of life is reduced in many parts of the world because people’s state of mind is filled with negative thoughts.

The better the mood, the longer and better living is.

3. Eases anxiety and tension

Living in an environment that is prone to danger and violence can cause very tense and anxious moments such that there isn’t even confidence to look at the next person nearby. It can be that fatal.

Such isn’t good from a perspective of mental health and remedies need to be taken before it spirals out of control, causing a total breakdown of the body.

Watching and listening to comedy is one inexpensive remedy that can help for reasons already stated early in that it helps to lighten mood, therefore erasing those fears and troubles of the mind.

A continuous practice of this can have immense mental health benefits on the long term.