A 26-year-old lotto forecaster has joined the over 530,000 Junior High School pupils nationwide to partake in the ongoing Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

Isaac Arthur, a pupil of Juaboso School ‘A’, after successfully writing his English Language paper, spoke to Adom News on his motivation to sit for the first paper with eight more to come.

Affectionately called Di Don, he disclosed that he first wrote his BECE in 2012 but financial constraint obstructed his move to further his education.

After reflecting on his life, he explained he wanted to ‘make it’ like his peers and with the free Senior High School (SHS) policy he stands a chance.

“My mates I completed school with in 2012 have made better living for themselves, because I did not have anyone to support me after my BECE, I started hustling. I just realised the hustle is not paying so I have to also make it in life like my friends,” he said.

“Now I’m determined than when I was in school, I was not a bad student; I was quite clever. So at least now there is free SHS to boost my morale,” he admitted.


Commenting on the English Language paper, he claimed it was not vastly different from what he wrote in 2012, but admitted he is scared the other subjects might take an unexpected turn.

“The syllabus has been changed and moreover I did not start catching up early. I just started learning after my registration during the lockdown period,” he added.