Becca’s marriage to Dr Tobi in one way or the other has mounted pressure on fellow female celebrities to get married.

Ghanaians on social media are making matters worse as they mostly question the single female celebrities of when they will also get married.

One such single female celebrities is Yvonne Okoro who indicates she’s not in a rush to get married.

According to her, she will marry at the right time and with the right man in order for her marriage not to end in divorce.

She added that the African society puts unnecessary pressure on single ladies to get married and they intend to get married to the wrong people which later lead to divorce.

On several platforms, Yvonne Okoro keeps saying that she is not interested in the physical appearance but rather looks beyond that.

According to Yvonne Okoro, she prefers a man who loves her, loves his mother and not necessarily a good looking man.