Actress Yvonne Nelson is not pregnant says her colleague and bosom friend, Belinda Dzattah.
Weeks ago, news went viral that the actress was expecting a baby with her recent picture which she captioned ‘I know I am looking fat’ being used by some people to buttress their claims.
However, Belinda Dzattah told Joynews’ MzGee upon enquiry that her friend Yvonne is not pregnant.
Belinda would not tell if Yvonne’s pregnancy rumour was borne out of movie role.
Yvonne Preg
“Yvonne is my friend, you know that and I guess she is the best person to answer but take it from me, she is not pregnant, it is just a rumour.
“If you watch our snap today, we were having palm wine together, do you think a pregnant person will drink palm wine? No, it’s not done, it’s a lie”.
The actress asserts such rumours come with the job and it is one of those.
“I heard one, they said I want to go and enlarge my buttocks because I have flat buttocks. It is the order of the day, I mean it is part of the game,” she said.
When asked if she had intentions of tampering with her buttocks since they say to every rumour, there is always an iota of truth?
“No hell no, I don’t want to do that, I have big butts already so why am I going to do that, what am I going to do that for?
“I don’t want to do that, it is just people. You know haters when they do not have anything to say about you, they just cook up stories and put stuff together,” she added.