Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson

Shortly after Sarkodie released an audio track on his YouTube page, recounting his side of the story regarding a pregnancy he had with Yvonne Nelson in 2010 that was terminated, Yvonne has responded on Twitter.

Yvonne tweeted, “Insults won’t work, Michael. Respect womanhood. I’m glad the world is seeing how you’re handling this and who you really are. Young women can learn from this. You may receive applause for your rap, but it doesn’t change the TRUTH.”

She accused Sarkodie of using his music to undermine the pain she experienced as a young woman.

She continued, “In my book, I narrated how you got me pregnant, how you couldn’t wait for me to get rid of it, and how you drove me to have an abortion. As usual, you want to use rap to diminish the pain a young woman felt. We both have daughters; let’s see what life throws at them. #triedyou.”

Sarkodie gained significant attention last week when Yvonne Nelson mentioned their past relationship in her memoir, titled ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson.’

In her book, Yvonne described how Sarkodie impregnated her but asked her to terminate the pregnancy because he was young and unprepared to be a father.

She also revealed that Sarkodie drove her to the clinic for the abortion but left her to deal with the pain alone. The rapper trended on social media as a result.

Just over a week later, Sarkodie posted a track titled ‘Try Me’ on his official YouTube page, presenting his version of events.

The song featured a mix of English and Twi and challenged Yvonne’s narrative about the pregnancy and its aftermath.