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Youth Employment Agency rolls out 6 new models

The Youth Employment Agency (YEA) is set to launch six new modules by close of September 2017.

The modules are Youth In Security, Graduate Internship, Youth In Sanitation, Youth In Paid Internship, Youth In Revenue Mobilisation, and Youth In Afforestation.

These modules will be expected to offer opportunities to graduates especially to gain hands on experience to boost their employability.

Officials say the move will potentially reduce the high unemployment rate in the country by about sixty thousand.

Processes began in July and extended in August. It is currently at the shortlisting and recruitment stage.

The agency in July shed off almost 17,000 names purported to be ghost names in its 63,000 beneficiary’s payroll after an audit found their employment to have been tainted with fraud.

Some of the previous modules of the YEA have in the past been characterized by corruption, resulting in discontinuation.

Chief Executive of the Agency, Justin Kodua, indicated the new Acts backing the agency will address earlier shortfalls in the implementation of its models.

“The Acts states clearly what to do and time frame for every module so such challenges will not occur again,” he said.

According to Mr. Kodua, inaccurate information from beneficiaries in previous modules affected the success of its implementation.

“Hitherto, the problem faced was inaccurate information, someone will tell you I have this qualification and when you do the verification checks you realize that it is not true. To fast track the process, the information provided must be accurate to enable us to perform our legal mandate”, Mr. Kodua revealed.

He revealed this to LUV FM at the 30th-anniversary ceremony of the St Theresa Parish Catholic Youth in Kumasi.

Municipal Chief Executive of Asokore Mampong, Alidu Seidu revealed at the program, processes are underway for setting up fruit processing factory in the Asokore Mampong Municipality.

The land has been acquired, the business plan has been submitted; two site visits have been made by the coordinator for one district one factory which will target the processing of Pineapple, Orange, water melon and mango.

Various engagements have taken place to secure raw materials from farmers in the Sekyere Afram Plains meant to feed the factory.

Youth Chairman of the St Theresa Parish Catholic Youth, Charles Eshun wants the government to be relentless in the clamp down on illegal mining.

The leadership of the youth association revealed a fund to be set up to support the youth to start-up their businesses.