In what has become like a series of epistles as when issues happen in Ghana, Founder and Leader of the All People’s Congress (APC) Dr. Hassan Ayariga has fired a reply to the United States Ambassador to Ghana Robert Jackson over his gay remarks.
In an interview with GhanaWeb’s Kwabena Kyenkyenhene Boateng, 21 Minutes with KKB, the US Ambassador, among other things said homosexuality in Ghana is more pervasive than Ghanaians would want to believe; with my reporting him as saying that Ghanaians who are opposed to gay rights are being ‘myopic’ with the explanation that there was the need for those Ghanaians who oppose gay rights to study about the subject to understand it.
He, in the said interview also expressed optimism that when Ghanaians get to study and understand gay rights, they will be more tolerant of homosexuals.
But Dr Hassan Ayariga disagrees.
In a statement copied to, Hassan Ayariga said “we have more women in Africa to marry and we as well have a perfect culture which does not permit us to practice their homosexual way of life. Our African culture is unique and can not be polluted by American cronies”
“We are giving him strong warning to stay away from meddling into our traditions, customs and norms. He is only here temporarily and for that matter cannot impose Homosexuality on us. Robert Jackson have no rights or powers to dictate to Africans and Ghanaians how we should run our country. Robert should clearly note that his President called Africa shithole and for that matter we will not accept their shit behavior in our country.”, he added.
Mr Ayariga alleged that “they want to use president Nana Addo to promote their ungodly social deviance. I recalled during Prof. Mills presidency when the issue of homosexuality came, the Professor, an African who feared God condemned the act”, he wrote.
The statement, however, said there were things that were common to both Ghana and the United States, which the two countries should focus on and develop rather than concentrate on what they don’t agree on.
“There are certain things we share in common and there are certain things we do not share. Our common love for democracy, women empowerment, job creation, peace and security, economic transformation; these are the things that we share in common.”, he said.
The founder and leader of the APC said “this is the time we should rise as a strong nation by the will of God to resist this oppressor’s rule.”
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