Yaa Asantewaa Old Students Association has averted what could have been a sanitation crisis in the school, with the completion of a place of convenience.

With a student population currently of over 2,000, facilities are obviously overstretched.

Students have had to contend with increased pressure on limited facilities in the face of growing numbers.

Headmistress, Esuande Eshun-Fameyeh, describes as, timely, intervention by the former students to complete the abandoned project, initiated by the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly.

“It has been documented that in schools where there are no toilets girls stay away when they are in their menstruation period. We need about a hundred more toilets where these girls can quickly rush in there when they are in their period and clean themselves,” she revealed.

Miss Eshun-Fameyeh revealed students had to visit the lavatories and bathrooms, in turns, especially, in the morning.

This encouraged lateness to school gatherings and also threatened smooth academic work.

According to the headmistress, high-level student discipline prevented the dreaded situation of open defecation in the school.

She acknowledges the critical role the Old Students Association has to play in maintaining high standards in their alma mater.

Miss Eshun-Fameyeh proposes the renovation of the school’s facilities to support modern education.

“I want to urge all old students to show interest in the association and help maintain the status of the school. This school made them, ” she said.

President of Yaa Asantewaa Old Students Association, Diana Adu-Danquah says members are committed to mobilizing resources to improve conditions at the school.

She encourages all past students to join the association in the service of the school to maintain high academic and moral standards.

“Government cannot satisfy the needs of every secondary school so we as old students will have to set in and fill the gap. We will not end it here, we learn they need more toilets and we will consider all that,”, she said.