A video depicting the moment police arrested a Nigerian traveler who swallowed many wraps of drugs at an Istanbul airport has surfaced on the internet.

In the video, the Nigerian traveler named B.E.O was said to have come from an Ethiopian flight.  

According to istanbul.sonakika, the suspect had swallowed over 844 grams of drugs and was captured by cameras after he arrived at the airport.

Beads of cocaine

The post reads: At Istanbul Airport, 844 grams of drugs were seized from the stomach of a person named BEO with Nigerian nationality. The suspect, who came to Istanbul on the Ethiopian Istanbul flight, was taken into custody as a result of the pursuit of police teams by security cameras. The suspect’s arrival at the airport and the moment of his arrest was captured by cameras.

Beads of cocaine

He was caught on tape making numerous rounds at the airport, before an X-ray scan exposed his drug trafficking agenda.

The X-ray captured the beads of cocaine lined up in the elderly man’s intestines.

Beads of cocaine in man's stomach
Beads of cocaine in man’s stomach