A muslim-turned Christian woman, Christina Abubakar has threatened to kill her 6-months-old child to restore peace with her Muslim boyfriend.

The couple’s misunderstanding started when she took seed and decided to abort the pregnancy but her boyfriend, Mustapha Shahad did not agree to it.

Christiana Nee Ayisha, however attempted to abort the baby but despite the concoction she drank, the baby failed to flush down.

Despite the failure, she went ahead to try the abortion a second time when the pregnancy was eight months old, a decision that angered Mustapha and he decided to ignore both mother and baby.


That notwithstanding, after a successful delivery, their woes were nowhere near over as religious difference started playing a part in their separation.

“After her birth, Christie wanted to go for dedication at her church but I refused because we were both Muslims before her diversion,” Mustapha explained.

“She plainly told me that if Musah, the child, will bring confusion between us, she was going to kill our baby so peace can be restored,”Mustapha revealed further in an interview on Nhyira FM’s Obra programme.

Christiana, still standing by her words after a secret recording exposed her, explained she did not want to keep the pregnancy in the first place but for Mustapha’s persistence.