File photo: Gun

An Illinois woman was arrested and charged with first-degree murder after she killed her male friend for refusing to kiss her.

28-year-old Claudia Resendiz-Flores is accused of fatally shooting James Jones, 29 after he and his girlfriend refused to kiss her during a get-together.

Details leading to the incident are that Claudia was hanging out and drinking with two friends, a couple, at an apartment located in Rolling Meadows just outside of Chicago.

Claudia had allegedly just moved in with them.

During their get-together,  Claudia asked her friend James for a kiss, which he declined.

James is alleged to have then turned to his girlfriend (name not supplied) and began to kiss her, making Claudia jealous.

She allegedly went on to ask James’ girlfriend for a kiss, but she refused.

Claudia allegedly became more aggressive. Relentless in her pursuit she once again asked James for a kiss, but he said no.

Claudia who was not happy with being rejected by both James and his girlfriend reportedly grabbed a handgun which had been stashed between some couch cushions and fatally shot James in the chest.

Fearing for her life, Jones’s girlfriend called 911 and the police quickly arrived at the scene and arrested Claudia.

Claudia who recently separated from her husband and is the sole caretaker for her three children is being held without bail.

She is expected to appear in court again on Thursday.