There are some famously clichéd ways that people learn they are being cheated on.

Lipstick on the collar, partner glued to their phone, a feeling of unease that lingers thanks to their suspicious behaviour.

But sometimes people realise they’re being played in more mundane ways.

One woman, called Kayla, claims she realises the man she was seeing had another woman around after he sent a photo of his cooking.

To make it worse, the food didn’t look great either.

The 26-year-old shared the rather unfortunate moment she realised what was happening on TikTok, adding: “Got to do better my guy.”

a photo of his cooking
reflection of a woman in the stove

But it wasn’t the food she focused on – it was what she spotted in the reflection of the mirrored stove.

She zoomed in on the top left corner – where you can see a woman’s hands, along with her fake nails.

Kayla also noted that she was wearing bracelets, a rose gold Apple watch and a ring.

The video containing the heart-stopping moment has been viewed nearly 200,000 times.

Lots of viewers praised Kayla for her detective skills – as one admitted: “I wouldn’t have noticed that.”

Another added: “Don’t men know we are detectives?”

“Have you met this man in person because this screams Catfish?” asked a third.

Reality TV show Catfish exposed the truths and lies of online dating – and tracked down people faking their identities.

Online, a ‘catfish’ is a person who creates fake personal profiles on social media sites — usually pretending to be someone more attractive — by using someone else’s pictures and a fake bio.

Others were convinced that she’d made a mistake and that the man could be hanging out with a sister or relative.

But Kayla rebutted this, explaining in the comments that she’d confirmed it was another girl.

She added: “When I asked who it was, he said it ‘should’ve been you’,” along with a skull emoji.

Others were more confused about what the man was eating – for those concerned, it turns out he was cooking spaghetti and ground beef.

Another commented: “Please let that girl know. I would be so upset if I cooked for someone else and then he sent it to someone.”