Rehema Kabayana, a 24-year old Ugandan woman has cut off her boyfriend’s penis with a kitchen knife while he was asleep.

His offence was a suspicion that he was cheating as his girlfriend claimed he had become a frequent visitor to a bar where he allegedly flirts with other girls in Mukono, Uganda.

News Vision reports the Police as saying that Kabayana waited for her 28-year-old boyfriend, Anthony Sekewa, to fall asleep before executing the devilish plan to horrific outcomes.

She claims she wanted to “even the love equation”.

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Aside from the bar flirtation, she was convinced that Sekewa was having an affair with another woman in the neighbourhood.

Kabayana cut off Sekewa’s penis from the very base with a four-inch knife and Sekewa has since been in a Kampala hospital receiving treatment.

Police quoted her as saying, “I discovered that he was secretly going out and flirting with other girls at different bars. This made me very angry and I was full of anger inside and couldn’t relax.”

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While the police report that the couple has long argued Sekewa’s womanizing antics, they also document how Kabayana thought the only solution was to refrain from contacting other women, picking their calls or even smiling at them. The problem, however, is: Sekewa broke his promise.

A spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan Police, Luke Owoyesigyire, confirmed that Mukono Police had visited Sekewa’s home to gather information.

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Kabayana is being detained at Mukono Police station on an attempted murder charge, punishable under section 204 of the Penal Code.

If she is found guilty, she will be liable to imprisonment for life.