Afirca’s boxing legend Professor Azumah Nelson says he will give his full support to his son to become a great boxer if only his son decides to continue his path.
Azumah Nelson asked Ghanaians to manage their expectations and not “mark” his son as per his (Azumah Nelson Snr) Hall of Fame achievements.
Most Ghanaians are of the expectation that Azumah Jnr will match his father’s achievement and become an iconic figure in the world of boxing and sports as a whole.
However, in an exclusive interview with Ghanaweb, Azumah called on Ghanaians to be very “humble” in how they see his son.
Azumah also touched on comments that his son had won a fight at fourth edition of the Azumah Nelson Fight Night held on Saturday, 18th August 2017 on prejudicial basis.
He explained that Azumah Jnr had won the match fair and square without any interferences. “I believe in two years time, you will see him and realise that he is different. He is master of his own”, Azumah explained.
“Life is not our hands so I can’t predict the future but if he wants to be a boxer I will give him my full support to ensure that he becomes a great boxer”, Azumah said.