Chairman of the People’s National Convention Bernard Mornah has refused to endorse the suspension of General Secretary Atik Mohammed, calling it an ‘injustice.’
Mr Mornah said the National Executive Committee of the party erred in its decision to suspend Mr. Mohammed last Saturday.
“Which Disciplinary Committee sat and made that recommendation to NEC?” he fumed in an interview with Joy News Sunday.
A meeting to discuss latest developments in the PNC especially the appointment of the flagbearer Dr. Edward Mahama as an Ambassador-at-Large metamorphosed into a discussion about Atik.
Mr. Mohammed is opposed to Dr. Mahama’s acceptance of the post in the NPP government after he obtained 0.21% in the 2016 polls.
The executives reportedly passed a vote of no confidence in the General Secretary.

Photo: Atik Mohammed
The party’s communication Director, Emmanuel Wilson announced Atik Mohammed has been suspended for gross “misbehavior and misconduct”.
But the National Chairman is incensed by the ‘palace coup’ against his ally.
“Such injustice must not stand. I will not superintend any illegality that will lead to the removal of an elected officer”.
The party with no seat in Parliament is set on a collision course with the National Chairman.
“I will fight till my last drop to ensure that justice is visited on Atik”.