A sympathizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Appiah Stadium, has threatened to crush his testicles if former President Mahama does not contest the 2020 election.

Speaking with Ekourba Gyasi on Atinka AM Drive Tuesday, Appiah Stadium mentioned that President Mahama was very competent and the most credible person to lead the NDC again. He warned that if the former president fails to come back and dethrone Nana Addo and the NPP administration in 2020, he will crush his testicles.

According to Appiah stadium, he wants President Mahama to stage a major comeback in 2020 and was eagerly looking forward it. The controversial NDC activist rejected suggestions that he was just bragging, adding that it was about time people stood up for what they believe in.

He added that he is not a coward like Assin Central’s Kennedy Agyapong who threatened to poison himself if Ibrahim Mahama is not jailed for alleged acts of corruption.

He added that Kennedy Agyapong should have poisoned himself by now if he really meant what he said.


  1. Comment:Fellow Ghanaians in Christ. what is the essence of this!so may be former pres Mahama do not contest and crush his testicles,what will pres Mahama gain n he himself get from it.Is time we live a moral lesson for othes to follow.what we the uth get from this.thank u n God bless u all.peace-shalom

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