Below are pictures of a lady whom a social media report stated that she threw a huge wedding ceremony for her husband and his new bride.
She can even be seen in one of the pictures feeding the new bride who is now the second wife.
Read the report below.
”The lady in red is an Iron lady kun san me ake nufi idan akace mace iron lady ce? Toh karshe kenan. Mijinta zai sake aure and she threw an entire event for him. Sources have said that he was in shock. Oga never esperret it. She even went ahead and fed the bride at the event. Gaskiya akwai mata yan aljanna. It must be hard knowing your husband the one you shared space with will be sharing your space with someone else but this iron lady put her big girl pants and supported him. I honestly don’t think I am that strong but then again bature yace you don’t know how strong you are until you are faced with a situation that brings out the strength in you. 
Allah ya baki abunda kike nema duniya da lahira. Amarya ke kuma ki dukufar da kanki ki mata biyayya kin shigo gidan ta your work is to make sure you respect her ku hada kai kuyi ibada. Allah ya baku zaman lafiya. Ameen
PS: I said I wouldn’t post unti it’s absolutely necessary. This is absolutely necessary.
Question: Can you throw a party for your co wife to welcome her


  1. This religion must be the true religion of Abraham Moses Jacob etc. Their way of life is that of content and peace. Having a rethink. I am deeply touched by this story. Their women are very obedient to the teachings in the Koran

  2. The difference is understanding.
    Sometimes, for peace to prevail, one must learn to embrace bravery. Even at the expense of been downgraded and come across as weakling.
    There’s no victory that does not have it’s price!
    Way to go for the triad.

  3. I think people have to understand their religion before trying a second wife.
    The man and his wife understand and accept the fact that their religion permit that so it’s not a news…. let a Christian tried this.

  4. May Allah continue to bless you my sister and bless your marriage with more blessings peace and happiness and give every woman this type of heart

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