In Boiling Springs Lake, a strange retrovirus was discovered in 2013, which consists of DNA but contains a gene coding for the capsid (or coat protein) of an RNA-virus. This virus is considered to be a hybrid.

This finding shows that the boundaries between the different types of viruses may fade relatively easy. Although the origin of this virus, in particular, indicates it is concrete, for example, how the conversion from “RNA world” to the “DNA-world” has been possible. This raises a very specific question to us: Where are the African Monkeys?

Gays in San Fransisco aren’t the cause of Aids Aids is presented as the plague of the twenty-first century. Especially Gays in San Francisco are blamed in the emerging of Aids. And after this unimaginable criminal accusation, dramatic predictions follow each other, but the epidemic has never ceased and in our opinion, it will never cease.

For it is clear that Aids is not what we thought of. It is easy to convince and people accept lies than truth, so for nearly forty years, the world community is misled by the medical establishments. Aids is not caused by a virus and it is not sexually transmitted. The disease is the result of a complete depletion of the immune system.

Aids occur only in groups that perpetrate a veritable attack on their body – such as drug users, gay men with a lot of changing contacts and people living in appalling conditions in underdeveloped countries. Our radical vision is not new. Since the beginning of the nineties over 3000 scientists, led by Nobel laureates and candidates are fighting against the prevailing hypothesis and the lies about the true origin of the diseases.

Because the disease Aids is no more than a supposition: no one ever saw the dreaded Aids virus under a microscope. The question to us is what causes the complete depletion of the immune system?

Aids dissidents Johan van Dongen, Wolff Geisler, Leonard Horowitz and thousands of other scientists

For a very long time, Aids dissidents, like Johan van Dongen, Wolff Geisler, Leonard Horowitz and thousands of others, denounced the common Aids-HIV theory because their vision would be irresponsible, unethical, misleading and discriminatory.

Irresponsible, because they do not endorse the safe sex campaigns, discriminatory because they involve the lifestyle of certain groups in their reviews. But when it comes to such condemnations, the biggest shame is the Western approach to the situation in Africa.

Africans do not die of Aids, but the diseases which kill many of them from time to time are malaria, tuberculosis, and cholera. And according to Dutch professor Ab Osterhaus and his so-called companions in criminal battle, there are always monkeys or bats involved.

But my dear professor Osterhaus, almost all organisms, including most of the viruses, have genes which consist of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). Retroviruses are an exception; their genetic material consists of RNA (ribonucleic acid).

After infecting a cell, HIV uses an enzyme (called reverse transcriptase) to its RNA to be converted into DNA and in the DNA of the host cell, DNA copy of HIV-RNA nestles and then this cell ensures that new RNA-virus is produced and virus particles are formed. So the question is why retroviruses causing other diseases than Aids?

Three major classifications of viruses There are three major classifications of viruses. The DNA viruses, RNA viruses, and retroviruses. Until now, these groups were clearly different. DNA viruses may be single-stranded or double-stranded.

After infection, these viruses uses the DNA polymerase of the cell to make new copies of itself. RNA viruses do and make use of the RNA polymerase of the cell in order to multiply. Retroviruses, on the other hand, consist of RNA which is ‘put back’ in the DNA.

This is done by means of the reverse transcriptase encoded by the virus; an enzyme having RNA turnover in DNA. This DNA is then put into the DNA of the host cell and can stay there shorter or longer before it is transcribed again in many RNA copies.

The found hybrid Boiling Springs Lake virus BSLV showed the novel BSL virus genome harbors genes homologous to both ssRNA and ssDNA viruses, therefore, it will be provisionally referred to herein as an “RNA-DNA hybrid virus”, abbreviated “RDHV”.

So, BSL-RDHV consists of single-stranded DNA and contains a gene coding for the capsid of an RNA-virus. It is assumed that there was ever infection of a single host cell with either a DNA virus, an RNA virus, and a retrovirus.

It is a piece of RNA which ended up converted encoded the capsid of the virus in DNA and in the DNA of a DNA virus. It is in any case enough that there are reverse transcriptases were present in order to convert this RNA into DNA. In conclusion professor Osterhaus there are no African Monkeys swimming in Boiling Springs Lake.

Useful viral genes and its history Viral genes might prove to be useful. They also bring with them often regulatory sequences which can then also be able to regulate the genes of the host. Eventually, the sequences that threaten the survival of the population are lost and the few useful selected by natural selection.

The non-metallic discovered retrovirus, 40 million years ago placed in the genome of the primates, is a gene that now called syncytin-1. This gene encoded originally for the protein coat of the virus but now has an important role in the placenta, and is under the control of two viral LTR’s (Long Terminal Repeats).

Another exemplary is the gene for beta-hemoglobin that is under control of an LTR which comes from a retrovirus. For example, there are many examples. So yes, professor Osterhaus sometimes there are primates involved. The only question to us is, are humans primates or the other way around?

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS

Researchers from the Whittemore Peterson Institute, in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute and the Cleveland Clinic, have recently discovered the presence of a retrovirus in blood samples from patients diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS, therefore, it will be provisionally referred to herein ME/CFS.

The human retrovirus, identified as XMRV, is found in more than 95% of the blood samples of patients in a study group. XMRV is a human retrovirus and is similar to HIV and HTLV-1. It was first discovered by Dr. Robert Silverman, in prostate tissue of men with a specific genetic defect in their antiviral defense.

Prior to the Whittemore Peterson Institute study, XMRV had not been isolated from a human disease population or been shown to be infectious and transmissible. But XMRV is also named “Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus.” XMRV a retrovirus which has been associated with an aggressive form of prostate cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome in human. Both viruses are the same. Do you want a simple explanation?

The only difference is the “H stands for Human” and “M for Murine or mouse”. And this explanation can also be used for HIV and SIV where the “S” stands for Simian but the virus is the same. Wasn’t it the discoverer of HIV-Luc Montagnier who stated EIAV is similar to HIV. Yes, he did. And the “E” in EIAV stands for Equine (Horse). This is how scientists give names to viruses.

Within extensive research, it is showed that 67% of the samples of ME/CFS patients test positive for XMRV. Further research revealed that 95% tested positive. Work continues to understand how the virus works within neuro-immune diseases, but this discovery proves a significant correlation between this serious retrovirus and these diseases. The main question to us is why doesn’t these patients get Aids?

Retroviruses are not traditional viruses that are carried by air. However, since XMRV retrovirus that is transmitted through the blood, it can potentially be transmitted through sexual contact, sharing needles, blood transfusions, and breastfeeding. Sharing household items like toothbrushes, razors or items that come into contact with blood are not recommended as a precaution.

In patients with a diagnosis of CFS/ME was shown that they have a unique immune deficiency in a part of their anti-viral system called the RNase L pathway. This pathway also showed a deficiency in men whose cancer samples were first used in the discovery of XMRV. And here are no African monkeys involved because it’s common in the hereditary system which causes no Aids but CFS/ME.

However, Whittemore Peterson Institute researchers stated; “We found XMRV in patients without an RNase L pathway deficiency. It is still unclear whether XMRV causes this deficiency or if patients with this deficiency are more susceptible to the virus, or both”. Also, there are no African monkeys involved as stated by Dutch professor Flu Ab Osterhaus.

The blood samples used in this historic study were collected from different regions in the United States, including both a known ME/CFS population as a control group. Of those diagnosed with ME/CFS, it was recently shown that more than 95% have antibodies in the blood against XMRV.

Until a unique viral link has not yet been established (while suspected by many) because so many common viruses are found to be reactivated in people with ME/CFS.

There are only three known infectious human retroviruses

Currently, there are only three known infectious human retroviruses HIV, HTLV-1 and 2 and now XMRV. HIV causes Aids and HTLV-1 and 2 causes T-cell leukemia and T-cell lymphoma. XMRV is the most recent retrovirus discovered to infect humans and has been linked to neurological disease and prostate cancer.

To further validate the samples research teams for each case used the CDC criteria established as well as the Canadian Consensus Criteria for CFS. The healthy controls were healthy people who came to the doctor’s office for a routine sample or DNA used in routine diagnostics.

So, CFS patients have reported a diagnosis of CFS by the Canadian Consensus and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) definitions. And the fact is there is nothing unique to these patients. In this study, 67% of the study group, had active retrovirus infection in their blood versus 3.75% of healthy controls.

The scientists who reviewed this scientific research came to the conclusion that they met every scientific and clinical criterion which is strictly required by a journal with the highest world standards.

Science and peer reviewers understand the importance of this new finding that a new human retrovirus is infectious, transmissible and highly associated with CFS. The question to us is how trustworthy are these journals with the highest world standards?

The research will look at the prevalence among population groups, transmissibility, interaction with drugs, impact, and duration of a CFS diagnosis on the activity of XMRV, and a variety of other factors. But this research does not include environmental factors as the application of biowarfare agents like mycotoxin, radiation, and medicines causing iatrogenic diseases.

After years of research, the pathogenesis of MS is still not clear and the scientific review articles, who focuses on one of the potential causes of MS: human endogenous retroviruses?

Human endogenous retroviruses HERVs

All genes were found in the 60 coding for retroviral gene products, but these were not recognized as HERVs. By hybridization, PCR and HERVs were increasingly found, but the precise extent of the number of HERV in the human genome became clear by the human genome project, which the entire human genome has been mapped. This showed that about 8% of the human genome consists of HERVs.