What do you host, Dan Afari Yeboah

Dan Afari Yeboah, host of one of Ghana’s most watched education shows, ‘What do you know’ has revealed sponsors have taken back their financial interest in the show.

Mr Afari Yeboah, speaking on some of the challenges the programme has faced since it’s inception, revealed that at most times, the show runs without a sponsor.

Despite being the flagship programme for Ghana Broadcasting Corporation and the station of the nation GTV, and running for over four decades, the host said the recent finale came off with not even one sponsor on board.

Asked in an interview on 3FM if the reason is that the show has lost it’s relevance, he replied in the negative, emphasizing that ‘What do yo know’ remains the most vibrant and powerful show.

However, he reveals the situation is more like the sponsors are waiting for “Mohammed to walk up to the mountain” and not vice versa.

Mr Afari Yeboah added that the tactic is to engineer support otherwise the show will not run, and being a practicing lawyer, he does not want to be engaged in such endeavour.

“In my capacity as a lawyer, I do not want to be engaged in an endeavor of this nature, going around and soliciting for sponsors and things like that, so this is where we are,” he remarked.

He, therefore, urged financial institutions and brands to sponsor the television programme which got Ghanaians occupied every Sunday afternoon.