Midland Saving and Loans has disclosed the company is engaged with the nursing mother who was brutalized by a police officer at the company’s headquarters to make sure she is appropriately compensated.

A video emerged on social media Friday, showing a policeman beating up a woman who carried a baby at the premises of the headquarters of Midland Savings and Loans at Shiashe in Accra.

Even though reports are still sketchy as to what caused the police officer to beat up the woman, unconfirmed reports gathered so far suggest the nursing mother got into the banking hall few minutes after the bank had closed and was asked to leave the hall.

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She reportedly insisted on taking an amount of 250 cedis from the savings and loans company but the police officer was asked to get her out.

The company has admitted the issue was not handled properly and has since issued an apology to the assaulted customer and the general public.

Police officers visited the headquarters of the company to assess the situation
But Public Relations and Marketing Manager of the company, George Paa Kow Hagan, told 3news the company is doing more in the background.

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“More importantly you need to know we are engaged with the customer concerned to make sure that she receives full compensation, full attention and full apology from the company”, he said. He also disclosed that the company has taken some internal disciplinary actions against workers who have been involved and that they risk being dismissed if they are found guilty in the issue.

He added the company will not cover up anybody.

Meanwhile, media reports have it that the police officer whose name is given as Frederick Amanor Skalla is in the grips of the police pending prosecution.

Midland Savings and Loans statement