Popular playwright and motivational speaker, Mr James Ebo Whyte, popularly known as Uncle Ebo Whyte is entreating Ghanaians to support and have faith in themselves.

On Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz show, he stated that most Ghanaians pay attention to soap operas and other foreign movies and plays because Ghanaians are always expectant of less from their own which shouldn’t be so.

“It’s just because you’re a Ghanaian and we don’t expect too much of you,” he told show host, Andy Dosty.


The CEO of the Roverman Productions also mentioned his experience with a fellow Ghanaian who had never stepped in the national theatre but could buy tickets to Broadway plays in New York City twice every year, with the notion that the Ghanaian is not good enough.

Let’s have more faith in the Ghanaian. We are very sceptical of the Ghanaian. We don’t have high expectations for our Ghanaians. If a Ghanaian is doing something our default idea is, oh it won’t good,” he said.

He said for the Ghanaian movie industry to grow, it will need support from Ghanaians themselves, just as foreigners do.

The playwright will be staging his one-man stand-up comedy “A Crazy Ride” on the 1st September this year at the national theatre.