Matilda Amissah-Arthur, wife of late Vice-President Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur, has dismissed claims that his late husband was conveyed to the 37 Military Hospital in the bucket of a pickup after he collapsed at the Airforce Gym in 2018.

According to her, a doctor at Ridge Hospital, who is also a member of the gym, offered his vehicle to be transferred to the 37 Military Hospital which was closer to the place of incident after the late Vice President collapsed.

“We had wanted to go in our Benz which we took to the gym but the doctor and a senior officer who are members of the gym suggested it’s so short that we have to cramp him, so the doctor gave us his double-cabin pickup and he was transported to 37 after he collapsed on the cross-trainer machine,” she recounted.

Mrs Amissah-Arthur, narrating the events which led to the death of her husband in an interview with David Ampofo, said he was on his last routine exercise when he collapsed on Friday, June 29, 2019.

“We went to the 37 hospital where he was rushed to the Emergency Unit and later transferred to the ICU. I was asked to go home but I refused and went to sit inside the car but while waiting outside for him to be stabilised, I received news of his death about 40 minutes later,” she said.

Mrs Amissah-Arthur said she requested for a post-mortem because she was surprised at the sudden death of her husband.

“My husband was a stickler for health and he does six months check-ups, he didn’t have diabetes or pressure, so, I wanted to know what killed him but really he wasn’t put in a bucket of a pickup,” she clarified.

Source:| Gertrude Otchere