VISMA donation

VISMA foundation, a sports philanthropic group made of professional ladies from all spheres of life, have donated items including Toilet rolls, Shirts, Drinks, washing powders, detergents, water etc. to the Christ Faith Foster Home at Adenta Frafraha.

The donation was to mark the celebration of the birthday of the founder of the Foundation, Mavis Amanor.

Speaking after the donation, founder, and leader Mavis Amanor said “VISMA FOUNDATION believes in lending a hand to the needy in society, and this is one of the many we have done, and intend to do”

An elated Miss Amanor together with members of the foundation interacted with children, and guardians of the home, and assured them of more donations in the future.

Some members of the VISMA foundation

Expressing her appreciation, Mavis Amanor said “Well are grateful to all who supported to make this possible”.