A video of a woman launching a scathing attack on Kumawood actress, Emelia Brobbey has taken social media by storm.

According to the lady, Nana Fremah Denteh aka Cocoa Butter Broni, Emelia Brobbey is a thief who stole from a shop in London which became a subject of discussion in Ghana.

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Emelia Brobbey

She also went ahead to claim that Emelia Brobbey was a cheap girl who gave birth to her first child during her secondary school days and up until now does not know the father of her kid because almost all the men in the school slept with her.

Also, Cocoa Butter Broni claimed, Emelia’s last born was rejected by the man who is said to have impregnated her because so many men were sleeping with her by then and the man also accused her of thievery.

She kept throwing jabs and even veered into Emelia’s past and into her family to dig out what she referred to as ‘dirty’ secrets’ pointing out that Emelia’s mother gave birth to three daughters and none of them has been able to secure a good marriage.

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She further indicated that the only one who almost had a good marriage has not long ago lost her husband.

And even during the funeral in the UK, Emelia drunk herself into a stupor, she added.

According to Emelia’s ‘attacker’, she was making all these damning allegations because the actress had dared to make fun of Nana Ama McBrown over her marriage.

Amelia’s attacker, Nana Fremah Denteh aka Cocoa Butter Broni

It will be recalled that Nana Ama McBrown came in the news recently for what many on social media described as a show of lack of interest in their marriage.

Emelia at the height of those rumours quipped on social media that Nana Ama loved her husband ‘too much’ which Nana Ama replied saying she was praying for Emelia to get a loving and caring man to marry.

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Though this would ordinarily be taken as a friendly conversation, Cocoa Butter seems very displeased for what she describes as an attack on her ‘Kumasi sister’.

Claiming to have gone to Emelia’s hometown of Akyem Swedru to find information about the actress, Cocoa Butter Broni who is said to be a TV and radio host in the US warned Emelia to be careful going forward or have more of her dirty secrets revealed.

While YEN.com.gh cannot verify the claims of Cocoa Butter Broni, it is a known fact that Emelia Brobbey has two kids with different fathers and that her last marriage ended under a cloud after she gave birth.


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    Look at you ugly woman like you cocoa, butter broni insulting the beautiful Emelia Brobbey,you are very shameless woman to the media.
    Obaa fon bia odi nenyoko baa aterm.

  2. Just look the very big mouth of this lady given misinformation about innocent black beauty Emilia God go punish you this forking so call cocoa butter big ND long month


  4. Wow you this are you women?? No I don’t think so and if you haven’t slept with any man in this earth apart form your so called husband good but if soo than you better start to pray.I haven’t know Emilia you shouldn’t do like that look at your face she is more beautiful than you that’s why you joules of her

  5. Let people judge you & say what they want. Allahﷻ doesn’t judge you the way people do. Do something good, be prepared for the haters to come out in full force. They might ridicule you, spread rumours or even spew harsh words. Don’t worry. keep going. Allahﷻ is on your side.

  6. Foolish girl, go to hell with your big mouth , you are the ashawo of all women, how on earth will you disgrace some one family like that, may all your family be curse with HIV, BURN THEM ALLIN HELL FIRE


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