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Hollywood Superstar, Brad Pitt has produced a non-fictional documentary exposing what he terms “greed and exploitation” of Ghana and Nigeria by Texas-based oil exploration companies.
The documentary, which was written and directed by Rachel Boynton, an international filmmaker, takes viewers behind the scenes and gives them exclusive access to boardroom discussions as oil company officials show how much they are interested in making maximum profits from Ghana’s newly discovered crude oil resources at the expense of Ghanaians.
The documentary titled, ‘Big Men’ shows the grand schemes inspired by Wall-Street investors to fleece Ghanaians.
Ghana’s Jubilee Oil Field operated by Tullow, an America-based company

The 99-minute documentary, which will be given a global exposure, would be released today in New York City at the IFC Center.
According to online movie review website,, the documentary, which is cur­rently receiving media raves, “follows the step-by- step process of how they (the multinational oil companies) conduct business after untapped oil fields are discovered off the coast of Ghana. It took Rachel Boynton seven years to painstakingly track these big players unawares to complete ‘Big Men’ which has been described as a thriller.
In an interview with movie reviewer, Dorri Olds on March 10,2014, Rahel Boynton stated, “The film is of a deep philosophical nature. It* s about greed and desperation and wanting to be big. That’s what connects everybody in the movie. When I was asking the questions it got turned around on me at one point when I was asked, “Don’t you want to be big?”
The map of Ghana showing its oil fields with interested companies such as Cosmos, Tullow, Vitol, Hess and Vanco

In the documentary, the CEO of a multination­al company (name withheld) was heard saying, “Developing nations can’t get greedy” – he indicat­ed from the prospect of making billions out of their new crude oil production project off the coast of Ghana.
He explained why his company won a hugely  favorable deal with the government of Ghana around 2007.
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The CEO justified why his company should see greater rewards than the industry standard, as they benefitted from the political administration at the time. The deal with Ghana was that the com­pany would keep a vast percentage of the oil rev­enue being drilled out of the Jubilee oil fields, 64 nautical miles off the coast of Ghana.
Over 70 percent of the total revenue is shared by the foreign companies. They justify the huge cut by arguing that they had taken all the risk.
“What did the Ghanaians know?” asked David D’Arcy, an internationally known film critic and art reviewer, writing for The National and Screen International online, The Art Newspaper, among others.
“Ghana (which we don’t see by way of the landscape, as we do Nigeria) presents a sad dilem­ma…Now Ghanaians are watching as an Ameri­can company gets rich on its resources. Will Ghana become a mini-Nigeria, or will it prosper as a result? There’s not much hope for any country that lacks the institutions to make prosperity possible.”
The documentary also showed the difficulties faced by the company when the John Agyekum- led administration finished its term and the administration was taken over by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) led by the now late John Evans Atta Mills.
“The previous government (the NPP govern­ment) was nice to the oil company. Certain things will have to change,” the former Minister of Ener­gy Dr. Joe Oteng Agyei was heard saying in the documentary.
Ghana is currently drilling about 100,000 bar­rels of crude oil off the Jubilee Fields and barely earns US$1 billion from its oil export annually.


  1. Ghanaians will watch this movie and what next? All we do is to accuse politicians and let them go enjoy their booty. what next? We will join their campaign trails and clap for them when they talk gibberish. Any reader should ask this question. If Ghana had been a developed nation, what would have happened when Mahama accepted the ford car as bribe? More insulting is when Nana Addo promised that SHS will be free when in opposition. He jumps into the scene and now says it is only for first year students only. I heard the third year students who were complaining bitterly that they’ve been hoodwinked because they voted massively only for the non voters to come and enjoy. JJ Rawlings and his wife have the nerve to talk about corruption openly and yet we all know what they did.
    I once wanted to embark on a campaign that if you don’t see any of our leaders’ children in the voting queues just don’t vote. Osafo Marfo brought down his two kids from the UK to occupy juicy positions. This tells you they were not here to campaign much more vote. JJ’s daughter had never voted in her life, but wanted to become MP. She’s now in parliament because some unintelligent people voted for her. So nothing will change. This movie won’t change anything.

  2. Brother, I always say that if those of us who have had the experience studying and working abroad do not go back and rescue our country from these corrupt NDC and NPP politicians our poor parents and kids will suffer. its so sad these politicians are using yelling and noise on the radio to confuse the ordinary Ghanaian and steal our monies at the expense of our parents, kids etc. God help us!